Maya and Mosha

Language and Culture Learning

Connecting our kids to their roots, culture and mother tongue

Connecting our kids to their roots, culture and mother tongue

because if we don't who will

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    Learn Independently or With Passionate Teachers


    • Story-based approach
    • Focus on spoken language – conversations with parents & grandparents
    • Reading and writing
    • Stories from our culture
    • Activity-based learning –  role plays, quizzes…. and so much more
    • Currently offering Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, and Marathi

    Learning App

    • First-ever holistic Indian culture app
    • Story-based approach
    • Focus on Indian history, legacy, languages, festivals, and diversity
    • Learn through quizzes, games, and videos
    • Points to earn and redeem
    • Currently offering Hindi and Telugu

    What Parents Are Saying About Us

    "This is a really good platform for children to really get to know the culture and history of India. I feel like this application is really necessary nowadays, since the children are too busy studying to score marks in school and have no knowledge about their motherland. Would definitely recommend parents to download this app and make their children use it. Really user friendly and easy to understand."
    Poorvi Sharma
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    "My daughter has learned a lot of new Hindi words in a playful manner where she didn’t even realize she was learning them😁 Most importantly I can see the confidence in her! Now she doesn’t shy away from speaking reading or writing Hindi😄😄😄 The very reason for her confidence comes from doing it together in a group. Your efforts made her learn it the correct way."
    - Mom of 8yr old girl, Dubai
    Online Classes
    "Very catchy name and content for my child. Maya and Mosha is a great effort to bridge the cultural gap for people living abroad who wish to impart knowledge of Indian heritage to their future generations."
    Sanchi Sawlani
    App Store
    "Thank you Team Maya n Mosha it was just so amazing to see Tvisha grow closer to her mother tongue and learn about her culture. The journey was so well paced and that was instrumental to ensure she experienced the language instead of just learn it! Today, she is speaking comfortably and that in itself is an achievement. Thank you for all the efforts!."
    - Mom of 13yr old, Dubai
    Online Classes



    Unique Approach to Learning

    Unique Approach



    Story Based